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Pro EM san PUR 1 litre

Product ID:
TIS-02 (B)


Pro EM san Pur by TISSO is a dietary supplement with microorganisms.

Pro EM san by TISSO is manufactured with 31 different strains of high-dose, effective microorganisms.

As this is a naturally fermenting product, cell counts may vary.


Water, molasses and sugars (the molasses and sugars are ingested by the micro-organisms during the fermentation process and converted into lactic acid); micro-organisms, black cumin seeds, grape seed extract (OPC), Ling Zhi

Bacterial cultures - 3-10 to power of 10 CFUs (colony forming units)
Black cumin seed extract – 20.00 mg
Grape seed extract – 20.00 mg
Ling Zhi – 20.00 mg
Sugar cane – 0.30 g
Molasses – 0.40 ml