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Konjac Fibre 500mg 210's

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The Konjac plant naturally contains Glucomannan which has been shown to promote regularity and provide a feeling of fullness. Contributing to a reduction of appetite, so promoting controllable, sustainable weight loss.

A valuable product in terms of digestive health, promoting intestinal regularity and regulating transit time as well as stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria through its prebiotic action.

Glucomannan also helps maintain proper blood-sugar levels by controlling blood glucose and supporting glycaemic control, reducing the glycaemic index of meals, making it a must for diabetics!

Active ingredients per ten capsules:

Konjac Fibre - 5000mg which naturally provides: 90% Glucomannan - 4500mg

Extra Information:

Due to the high quality of the fibre naturally present in Konjac, some people may experience slight flatulence or mild irregularity for the first few days of use. This will soon subside as the body becomes used to this potent source of fibre.