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Dr Schulze's Super Food Plus 400g

Dr Schulze's
396g Glass Jar
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drsch-sf (C4)


This is a wonderful 'food' for everyday use, especially at breakfast time or mid-afternoon. Anybody, can use it, the athlete or body builder, the 'average' person or for convalescence of any kind as it supports the body and involves minimal digestion. It is also excellent for the young - toddlers, children and teenagers, giving them the building blocks for healthy, vibrant growth. For teenagers worried about 'weight', yet needing nutrition, this is the ideal food. For students, away from home, taking Superfood makes a good daily addition to canteen food. For those on shift work whose stomachs and biorhythms are often upside down, it provides nourishment without overly drawing on digestion.


Contains: Spirulina, Blue Green Algae, Chlorella, Alfalfa, Barley & Wheat grasses, Purple Dulse Seaweed, Acerola cherries, Rose Hips, Orange & Lemon Peels, Palm fruit, Beet Root, Spinach Leaf & Non-active Saccharomyces Cervisae Nutritional Yeast