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Bio-Selenium+Zinc may help to maintain healthy cardiovascular, immune and reproductive systems.
SelenoPrecise yeast - GUARANTEED total absorption of 89%.  The highest in the world!

The antioxidants contained within this composite supplement, which also includes vitamins B6, C and E, act in a mutually supportive manner to protect tissues from damaging free radicals. It is recognised that a deficiency of the essential trace element selenium may occur in foods grown in selenium depleted soils, such as those found in the UK.

About Pharma-Nord Selenium supplements 
Bio-Selenium plus Zinc is a multiple nutritional supplement designed by Pharma-Nord to meet the daily requirement for the basic antioxidants, which act synergistically with selenium when supplemented in combination. We use our own ingredient, SelenoPrecise. This product has a high and stable content of l-selenomethionine and 30 other organic selenium compounds boasting a guaranteed total absorption of 89%. Each tablet contains (recommended daily allowance in parenthesis): 100microgm selenium (200%); 90mg vitamin C (150%); 15mg vitamin E (150%); 1.6 mg Vitamin B6 (80%); 15mg zinc (100%). The intake recommended by Pharma-Nord is 1 tablet/day.