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Toxaprevent Medi Acute (Akut) 60's

60 capsules
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What are TOXAPREVENT® ACUTE Capsules?

TOXAPREVENT ACUTE Capsules by-pass the stomach to absorb and remove toxic substances from the intestinal tract. The active ingredient MANC (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite) is a clean form of zeolite which has the ability to absorb Heavy Metals (Lead and Mercury), Histamine and Ammonium. TOXAPREVENT ACUTE Capsules also contain colostrum (contains lactose) for the support of the immune system.

How does MANC work?

MANC particles have “cages” where toxins can be stored using a process called ion exchange. Its negative charge attracts positively charged toxins and selectively absorbs them. The particle size is optimised to ensure Toxaprevent stays only in the digestive tract and is eliminated through natural bowel movements, taking the toxic substances with it as it moves through the system.


MANC (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite), calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate.

Colostrum (contains lactose).

Ideal for use in conjunction with TOXAPREVENT PLUS Sachets