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Thousand Petal Rose Organic Tea 50g

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Thousand Petal Rose is the ‘heart balm’ of our organic, living teas. Rose petals and green tea are used traditionally to soothe the heart and quieten the mind.

Origin: Organic, living green tea from the peaks of central China blended with wild rose petals hand-picked in Sichuan Province.

Flavour: Sweet, soft and clean with a heady, natural rose fragrance.

Benefits: Warming, calming and comforting.

Brewing Guide (300ml): Thousand Petal Rose can be infused multiple times. Infuse 1 teaspoon for 30 seconds at 70-80. Strain, serve and reserve tea leaves. Repeat this method to re-infuse the leaves up to 4 times. Thousand Petal Rose can also be cold brewed. Add 1 teaspoon of leaves to 1 litre of cold or room temperature water. Leave to steep for 3-24 hours. Strain and serve. Reserve the tea leaves to re-infuse up to 4 times.