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Silicea One a Day Capsule

Alongside oxygen, silicon (Si) is the second most common element on earth. Silicon (Si), a natural elemental substance is everywhere in nature where strength, elasticity and flexibility are important. It is an essential trace element for all living beings and is found in each cell of our body.

From the makers of Original Silicea Liquid, the best-selling silica since 1968.

100% mineral • no additives • no preservatives • GMO free • not tested on animals • suitable for vegans and vegetarians • gluten and lactose free

Directions for use

Take one capsule daily, with a large glass of water.

• pure silica • free from preservatives • one capsule per day

One capsule contains 420mg silica per capsule corresponding to 196mg silicon (Si)
Capsule composed of cellulose (HPMC)

Packaging size:

30 and 60 capsules