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Quinton Isotonic 30 x 10ml vials (300ml)

30 x 10ml vials (300ml)
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CN-002 (C1)


Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic is natural, mineral-rich sea water harvested from a pristine plankton bloom in an internationally protected part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is cold-filtered and diluted with carefully chosen spring water so that it matches the concentration of elements within your blood and extracellular fluid, and maintains the optimum pH level for your body.

It is the world’s only natural nutritional supplement proven to give your cells the full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and micronutrients they require in a naturally balanced, bioavailable form.

Taking Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic can assist in the gentle detoxification, and restoration of key minerals and trace elements in our bodies. Quinton Isotonic can be taken by everyone from birth right though to old age.

No Preservatives

No Sweeteners

No Sugars

Keep glass ampoules  out of reach of young children

To be used as part of a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle

Maximum daily intake: 6 ampoules.

Do not exceed recommended dietary allowance -RDA-


Seawater enriched with minerals from organic plankton – including calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and sulphur, and trace elements including iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc and selenium and natural spring water (71%)


Drink one or two servings a day on an empty stomach. Do not exceed six servings in a 24 hour period. Safe when pregnant or breastfeeding.