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Organic Mushroom Coffee Drink 5g 15's

5g per sachet, 15 sachets
Product ID:
NFU-OMC155 (C4)


Nutri-Fungi is a London-based brand, specialising in high potency medicinal mushroom extracts.

Organic mushroom coffee* by Nutri-Fungi offers a great blend of premium organic freeze-dried coffee from South America and mix of three mushroom extracts: Reishi mushroom dual extract, Trametes versicolor mushroom extract and Lion’s mane mushroom extract. Each serving contains total of 3000mg of mushroom extract. All extracts are standardised to contain over 40% of mushroom polysaccharides.

*This product contains CAFFEINE.

Vegan and non-GMO. Contains no additives. 100% organic certified by Soil Association UK.