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Organic Cocoa Butter Buttons 60g

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60g buttons
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Cocoa butter is a natural emollient and is particularly beneficial for dry, chapped or sensitive skin. It hydrates the skin, prevents or reduces stretch marks and helps reduce free radical damage (ageing). Cocoa butter buttons can be combined with other ingredients to make body care products or deserts and chocolates. It is the pale yellow, edible vegetable fat that comes from the cacao bean and is high in stearic acid, palmitic fatty acids, antioxidants and various vitamins and minerals. It stable at high temperatures, solid at room temperature and melts on contact with the skin. Amour Natural’s organic cocoa butter is in button form, making it easier to weigh out for recipes and quicker to melt, which saves time and prevents wastage. It has been gently deodorised with steam so it has a light cocoa smell that can be enhanced or hidden using other scents, such as essential oils or resins.

Cocoa butter is used as an ingredient to make body care products, deserts and chocolates.

Patch test before use. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.