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HySorbQ10 60's

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60 vegetarian capsules
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ATP (adenosine triphosphate - the source of energy for most of the human body’s processes) cannot be produced without Coenzyme Q10 because the latter is the enzyme that catalyses its creation. The level of CoQ10 is naturally highest in organs with high rates of metabolism such as the heart, kidney, and liver where it functions as an energy transfer molecule.

HySorbQ10™ Caps are made using an Advanced Bioavailability Water Miscible CoQ10 from the makers of Q-GelR that uses pure Hydro-Q-SorbR CoQ10 – a Bioenhanced Coenzyme CoQ10 (Patent Number 6,861,447) – for enhanced dissolution and easier absorption.

Each capsule is the equivalent to 200mg of CoQ10.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.