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Fortisalt 550ml

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FortiSalt Kitchen Size (550 ml /110 Servings)

Fortisalt is designed to nutritionally fortify food anywhere salt is desired. Refined salt and even some sea salts are ultra-processed and can be treated with unwanted chemicals (i.e., bleach to ensure uniform color). Unlike table salt, sea salts or even salts marketed for their trace mineral content, FortiSalt is designed to add broad-spectrum essential minerals and trace elements in nutritionally significant amounts through food. FortiSalt is natural, vegetarian, vegan, and Gluten-Free.

Using FortiSalt will significantly fortify your food with magnesium, potassium, every essential trace mineral (except iron) and make food taste like it should.


  • Reduce sodium in recipes with full flavor from balanced mineral salts
  • A good source of 10 essential minerals
  • Better flavor than plain salt 
  • Provides mineral nutritition in a ways natural to the digestive system
  • You'll never use table salt ever again
  • Family friendly
  • Manufactured at an NSF, cGMP-certified facility.
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Suggested Use: Consume 3 servings (1 serving = 1 teaspoon) daily divided with meals. Use FortiSalt in place of salt or sea salt normally used on food or in cooking. To reduce added sodium in recipes more than 50% while maintaining full flavor, replace one measure of salt with three measures of FortiSalt (i.e., 1 tsp. of salt with 3 tsps. of FortiSalt). This will provide better balanced flavors and nutrition with reduced sodium.