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Yungskin food is a pH alkaline liquid which has been infused homoeopathically with the energies to feed and rejuvenate the skin from within.

For best results in skin rejuvenation and in obtaining youthful, glowing skin, it is recommended to take Yungskin Food in conjunction with the application of any of the Yungskin cream products.

Directions for Use:

10 drops in a little water morning and evening in conjunction with the application of any of the Yungskin creams.


Minerals – Silica; Magnesium Phosphate; Calcium Fluoride; Potassium Sulphate; Sodium Phosphate

Stress Essence - Containing the essences of the following flowers: Comfrey; Dune Calendula; Dandelion; Lavender; Pelargonium; Sweet Pea; Orange Pincushion; Sweet Chestnut; Larch

Trace Minerals -  added to help conduct and generate the body’s entire electrical system for more energy.

Contents preserved with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Yungskin™ helps to:

Restore skin’s vitality

Rejuvenate and regenerate skin cells

Tighten skin

Reduce appearance of wrinkles

Ensure youthful-looking and glowing skin

No harmful chemicals

Yungskin™ is a natural-based skin care range designed to ensure best results in managing and maintaining vibrant looking, healthy skin tone throughout the ageing process