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Flora 50-14 Clinical Strength 30's

Innate Response Formulas
30 capsules
Product ID:
IRF-IN40128-INV (F)


Cultivating and maintaining a balance of beneficial microflora is a foundational element in supporting the integrity of digestion. Live cultures supplementation supplies the beneficial microflora that work with the body in digestive processes, detoxification, elimination, nutrient production and absorption. Flora 50-14 is formulated to repopulate and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the small and large intestine. Supporting the beneficial microflora of the digestive system, Flora 50-14 contains only naturally occurring non-competing flora in a non-dairy food base.


FREE of: Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn, Wheat, Pesticides and Herbicides

Nothing Artificial or Synthetic

Does not contain Sugar or Gelatine