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60 capsules
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Product Introduction

Motherhood is a beautiful, scary, life altering experience during which you need to take great care of yourself and your growing baby. 

A healthy diet is vital & including oily fish is critical as it contains DHA, a building block of our brains & eyes. Just one Bump & Glory capsule a day gives you 560mg of DHA, more than a whole tin of sardines, & will support you at every stage from pre-conception, to pregnancy & breastfeeding. 

Every single batch is independently certified by IFOS using the strictest purity & quality criteria, giving you a guarantee that our oil is as pure & powerful as it gets with no heavy metals or other contaminants.

We use fish gelatin to make our capsules & have certified low oxidation levels, so no nasty fishy burps.

Product Description

·         Suitable for pre-conception, pregnant & breastfeeding women.  Also suitable for anyone who would like a high DHA capsule.

·         One capsule a day - one pot provides two months supply (60 capsules).

·         800mg fish gelatin capsules – small & easy to swallow. 

·         Recommended daily dose of one capsule contains 670mg Omega 3, 560mg DHA and 40mg EPA.  More may be taken if required or advised by a health practitioner.

·         Natural triglyceride form – 70% more absorption than Ethyl Ester form.

·         No fishy burps & completely free of taste.

·         Made in Norway from sustainably sourced, wild sardine, anchovy & mackerel from Friends of The Sea & IFFO-RS certified fisheries and manufacturer.  Capsules manufactured and packaged in the UK.

Independent Certification from IFOS & Published Certificates of Analysis

 ·         Each and every batch of Bare Biology fish oil is independently certified and awarded a 5 star rating for purity, freshness and strength by the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS).  A guarantee the oils are totally free from any heavy metals, PCBs (we test for all 209), Dioxins and Furans and a guarantee of the lowest oxidation plus the highest concentrations of EPA & DHA.

·         Bare Biology publishes full certificates of analysis (laboratory test results) on its website for each and every batch.  See the link on their homepage and search for the batch number next to the use by date on the product.


Nutritional content

Per 1 x 800mg capsule

Total Omega 3 triglyceride fatty acids**


DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)


EPA (eicosapentaeonic acid)


Vitamin E Tocopherol



Fish oil from sardine, anchovy and mackerel. Fish gelatin, glycerol BP, Vitamin E tocopherol.

Vitamin E derived from non GMO soy, contains no traces of soy & poses no allergy risk.



Important info

·         Allergy advice: contains fish.

·         Free from soy, added sugar, gluten, artificial colours or flavours.

·         Does not contain Vitamin A.

·         Consult doctor if taking blood thinners, other medication, or are about to have surgery.

·         Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight, no need to refrigerate.

·         3 year shelf life (check individual batches for dates). 


·         Do not use if product safety seal is broken or missing.